Ingredients (4):


2 Chiles Poblanos

1/2 Kilo of Tortillas 
1 clove of garlic 
3 peppers 
1/2 Kilo of Tomato 
1 Clove 
1 pinch of marjoram 
100 grs. Ham in Squares 
150 Grms. Cheese Adobera or Oaxaca 
1/4 Cream 

Processing information:

1. The tortillas dice and fry in oil.

February. Boil tomatoes.

March. Chiles roasted, skinned them, the seeds, veins and cut into slits.

April. Then liquefy the tomatoes with the garlic, pepper, cloves and marjoram.

May. In a baking dish accommodate tortillas and tomatoes and liquid and casting is empty.

6. Would Sprinkle cheese, ham, cream and garnish with chili rajitas finally gets baked at 180 ° C until dry.