1/4 kg of dry shrimp FOODS THE DEER 
1/2 oz of DONA CHELA MIX 
1/2 pound of diced carrot 
1/2 pound of diced potatoes 
3 guajillo chiles FOODS THE DEER 
1 onion gde. slice 
salt to taste 
Toast, lemon and avocado to serve


In some acitronas onion oil as it is clear you add DONA CHELA MIX and deveined peppers until soft. The Licuas along with some of what you took the shrimp.

In a deep pan heat up some oil and add the vegetables and tapas shaking occasionally to prevent sticking until almost cooked. You add the collection and you leave seasoning.

Auméntale 1 1/2 liters of water and boil as you put the shrimp and broth.

Leave a 5min season. and correcting cooking and seasoning. Serve with toast, lemon juice and chopped avocado, diced (if desired you can poke cilantro).