Ingredients (4):

1 kg of cod 
1 Kg of Tomato 
2 large onions 
100 Grms. of raisins 
100 Grms. Almond 
100 Grms. Olives 
1/2 Kg Potatoes 
1 head of garlic 
1 can of peppers Morrones 
3 Eggs 
Chiles long to taste.

Processing information:

1. Soak cod day before, the day the water is changed and is cooked. Is removed, drained and chopped part.

Two. Whisk eggs to weather the cod pieces and fry them in oil, then settle on a platter.

Three. Prepare a sauce with tomatoes, onion and garlic, cook until it thickens, add the cooked potatoes, raisins, chopped almonds, olives, peppers into strips and long peppers to taste. The pieces of cod bathe with this sauce and serve.