Ingredients ( 4):

Adobo :

4 mulatto chilli
4 colored peppers
3 guajillo chiles
2 chipotle peppers
All seeded and boiled, are chipotles to taste spicy as you want.
3 omelettes burned in the flame of the stove until they are black
4 tablespoons chilli seeds until they are burned black ( in your roasting pan or on a griddle seasoning )
½ large onion roast into thick slices
4 roasted red Guajitos Tomatitos (optional )
4 roasted garlic
3 cloves , 10 thin peppers 3 fat peppers ½ teaspoon ground cumin 1 cinnamon stick

Two large packages of roasted banana leaves . Cut into squares. Wash and drain well .

2 kilos of meaty pork ribs starting in pictures
1 Kilo of pork leg cut into large cubes


3 kilos of dough
¾ Kg Of Inca shortening. ( The sell kilo , half and quarter )
3 heaping tablespoons lard
3 tablespoons salt
Chicken broth or pork if you have

Instructions for preparation :

Adobo :

1. Grind all the marinade ingredients in a blender and season with salt , put a little water to thin ( or broth ) . In a bowl put the raw meat and pour the marinade. Reserve it .


1. Whisk butter and salt until acremarla , add gradually beating the dough thoroughly calculating alternating with the broth it becomes a spreadable mass care not pass liquid. It will be at the point when you toss a ball in a glass of water and not float it to the bottom.

Two . Cut banana leaves into squares take off the thick edge , wash and escúrrelas fine. Put two tablespoons of dough on each sheet and one or two pieces of meat with marinade. Wrap them and cook for 2 hours in the steamer .

Note: the coastal state of Veracruz tamales , are the same, but with pure chile , color and seasonings are omitted ; only carries pepper and roasted seeds without being burned. .