(Artemisia absintium )

Wormwood is one of the most wonderful medicinal plants in the world. Although it tastes bitter, this does not prevent it being used for the relief of many diseases being very effective.

The wormwood tea was used very successfully to :

Gastralgia ( stomach pains ) : indigestion , diarrhea, kidney problems , intestinal pain , dropsy, difficulty in breathing , heartburn ( heartburn) , flu , urinary problems , hysteria , toothaches , bad breath , flow, menstruation painful menstrual delays , poisoning with lead and other elements , pests , poisoning , intestinal parasites, skin parasites , itching . You can prepare a wormwood tea or dried plant parts and then keep powder dry. The tea is prepared using 5 grams of the herb in a cup of boiling water , let stand and then you can take a spoon during the day ( one teaspoon of the herb in a cup of boiling water).

Diarrhea or vomiting or flatulence problems : a hot poultice made from the leaves of wormwood, is placed on the belly of the affected area and covered with a dry cloth person . Allow for about 15 minutes and then removed , turning if necessary to repeat the operation. This harmless way can be applied to young children , taking care that the temperature of the poultice is adequate, not very hot.

Toothache : Absinthe prepare tea and swish with it for about a few minutes, keep warm tea on the affected area and within minutes the pain will go away , but remember that pain is indicative of a condition that demands attention medical , so see your dentist regularly .

Headaches: take a spoonful of tea every hour until remission. You can also do the same footage in case of sore throat. Gargle with warm tea . In addition , you can place a sugar cube in a few drops of lemon and let it dissolve in the mouth, passing the sugar will go down your throat , this wiping mode.

People who suffer with liver or gallbladder problems : they can take this excellent remedy that will bring them huge profits. Prepare tea (one cup) of absinthe and store in the fridge , every hour take a spoonful of it, soon notice the difference. It is not advised to take the essential oil of wormwood if not supervised by a physician, it contains certain components that can be harmful if the measures are not known to be used.

As a perfect worming : ie successfully fighting worms and other parasites. To combat in children and adults, you can have a cup of coffee the wormwood tea before bed also place a warm poultice on the belly.

Lung Diseases : Absinthe is a very good remedy . To do this, pulverizce dried wormwood leaves and chew half teaspoon , two or three times a day , making sure to chew for five minutes. You can also prepare absinthe tea sweetened with honey and a squeeze of lemon.

Bad breath : Do mouth with wormwood tea rinses, this will help them to overcome this annoying problem until eradicate its causes.

Itching caused by various reasons (mites , skin allergies, etc. ) : a preparation for body bath wormwood tea help you avoid those feelings . You can rub the body , before leaving the bathroom with a sponge soaked in wormwood tea for a few minutes and then check its effectiveness.