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An aromatic substance that serves as a seasoning for recipes such as nutmeg, pepper, saffron etc.  Almost all of them come from the Orient.  They are obtained from a rind/peel, a leaf bud, a root, seeds or a grain of a perennial plant and they are used whole or ground up.

These are the uses of some of the most common spices.

Annatto: it is obtained by crushing the seed of this plant, which is originally from the Caribbean. It is used as a powder as a natural coloring for cheeses, ice creams, sausages and creams. It can be added to meat, chicken or turkey dishes. It is also bought as a pill that crumbles easily between your fingers and it has a clay like texture. It is typical in Mexican cooking. Bixa orellana annatto

Cinnamon: It is the dry inner bark from the tree known as the cinnamon tree. It is used as a stick or powder to season punch, hot drinks, fresh fruit, fruit punch, candy and cakes. The cinnamon tree of Ceylon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) is a dense foliagetree that grows to 10 meters. Cinnamon comes from the bark drying in the sun.

Cloves: It comes from the buds of the dry clove flower. It is used entirely grounded, with moderation due to its extremely strong taste. It is used to season hot wines, salsas, cakes, minced meat and fish or meat marinades. It is originally from the island Molucas. It's commercial circulation is due to the Chinese. It arrived to the Mediterranean world in the Middle Ages, through the Arabs. Due to the high price of this spice the Portuguess and the Castilians argued over the possession of the Archipelago islands, which occurred after the trip to Magellan and at the moment when they argued over the antemeridian Tordesillas treaty. The matter was resolved in 1529 with the Zaragoza treaty, paying Portugal an important amount for the recognition of their sovereignty. The Portuguese contained control over the trade of the clove until the end of the XVI century, when they lost the Ternate fortress. Eugenia caryophyllus: cloves with a smell, cloves.

Cumin: It comes from the fruit of the plant, it looks like a seed. It is an ingredient that is typical of Arabian and Mediterranean cooking. It forms a part of a mixture of spices like the garam masala. It is used to season meat and cheese, and it is an ingredient of cuscus. Cuminum cyminum cumin seed.

Paprika: It comes from the dried up and crushed fruit, it has a bit of a spicy but sweet flavor. It is used to season meat and vegetable dishes. It is one of the traditional seasonings in Spanish cooking, but it is also used widely in other forms of culinary, like Hungarian and Cajún. Capsicum tetragonum; red pepper.

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